“No Name” Glacier


On the remote side of the Delta River to the north of Black Rapids Glacier lies another sizable glacier with no name. I wouldn’t be surprised if this unnamed glacier has gone years at a time without seeing any visitors. Once the Delta River freezes over (typically by January) it is usually a simple 5-6 mile walk along the windswept frozen drainage to the glacier, though snowshoes or skis might be useful for the last mile or so, or for the whole route following heavy snow. The drainage features open water in many spots but the flow isn’t great and these spots are easy to avoid. The route gains more elevation than hiking to Black Rapids Glacier but is roughly the same in difficulty and length, though the scenery is quite different. If you have any gas left in the tank when you reach the glacier you can explore in a few different directions: on the glacier itself, up a side valley containing another small glacier, or up an adjacent slope for great views of “No Name” Glacier. There has been an unremarkable ice cave at the front of the glacier in previous years, along with a few large, steep ice cliffs. I’m sure the glacier contains some other interesting curiosities that no one has probably ever seen. If you want to go somewhere few people have been, this is the hike for you. Mid-to-late March is the best time to visit because the sun begins shining directly into the valley most of the day. (No ice climbing gear required.)

Route Length (full-day only): 6+ miles (one-way), 1000+ feet elevation gain