Aurora Borealis Photography Tours

Private tours in the mountains of the Alaska Range


If you want to pay hundreds of dollars per person to share your experience photographing the aurora with a bunch of strangers, have no control over where or what you shoot, and potentially get stuck traveling hundreds of miles on a cloudy night just to end up with a few mediocre aurora photos or possibly none at all, then catch an aurora tour out of Fairbanks. If you want a private experience shooting the aurora in a scenic mountain setting where you can capture artistic images and flex for the weather, let me be your photography guide and come explore the eastern Alaska Range. Click for more details


I offer year-round guided hiking & snowshoe tours along several scenic routes in the Alaska Range for photographers and non-photographers alike. Tours are private and adjusted to fit your schedule or catch the best light. Expert hikers & active outdoor photographers will find several intriguing options including places that few people have seen or photographed. Click for more details.

2020 Fall Colors & Northern Lights Photography Workshops
September 1 - September 5 (4 nights), September 7 - 12 (5 nights)


Join me in September for an amazing experience photographing and hiking during Alaska's short but magical fall season. Located along a remote stretch of the Richardson Highway, the Lodge at Black Rapids will serve as base camp while we explore the rugged mountains and glaciers of the eastern Alaska Range by day and photograph the aurora borealis by night. This workshop isn't for the sedentary tourist or roadside photographer! You'll be earning your shots as we visit scenic locations off the Richardson Highway, hiking on little-known trails and off-trail across the varied terrain of the Alaska Range. If you're an avid hiker and a serious outdoor photographer or want to become one, don't waste half your Alaska vacation traveling between locations and don't waste the other half taking the same cliché images of overexposed subjects most other photo tours promote. Instead, come spend quality time in a quiet mountain setting where you can create your own unique images and escape the drone of tour helicopters and crowds while you enjoy Alaska's wilderness. Click for more Details.