Boulder Peak


This entirely off-trail route starts by following scenic Boulder Creek for almost a mile, then quickly reaches wide-open views after ascending a small bluff onto a broad mountain slope. The slope narrows into an alpine ridge which climbs relentlessly uphill toward a false summit at 5800 feet elevation with an impressive 360° view. The ridge then descends about 300 feet and resumes climbing to the summit of Boulder Peak at 7050 feet elevation. Boulder Peak features an impressive vista of Mt. Silvertip towering over Jarvis Glacier thousands of feet below, and most of the route features great views of Mt. Shand, McGinnis Peak and Mt. Moffit. While the ridge is steep over most of its length, it is easily manageable and there are few obstacles. If conditions are right, you can follow Boulder Creek all the way down, passing by an impressive waterfall and beneath staggering cliffs. You are likely to spot Dall sheep on this hike, as well as other wildlife including caribou, moose, and more. Slower groups on a half-day tour will usually stop when the ridge turns steep, while fit groups can make the false summit. Conditions on the upper portion of this route (above the false summit) can be variable in May and September.

Route Length (half-day): up to 2.5 miles (one-way), 1800-3000 feet elevation gain
Route Length (full-day): Up to 5 miles (one-way), 5000 feet elevation gain