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Private Half-day Hikes (4-6 hours)
1 Person $300
2 People $350 ($175 pp)
3 People $450 ($150 pp)
Each additional person $75 (up to 6 max)

Private Full-day Hikes (8-12+ hours)
1 Person $400
2 People $450 ($225 pp)
3 People $575 ($192 pp)
Each additional person $100 (up to 6 max)


Alaska Resident & Military 10% Discount: Parties with at least one Alaska resident or active duty military personnel receive a 10% discount. (ID required.)
Add $30 per person for professional adventure portraits. (Full-size digital files delivered via web download after your hike.)
*AUGUST SPECIAL*: Free adventure portraits with any hike!
Receive a discount when you also book an Aurora Borealis Photography Tour. (Please inquire.)

All tours are private and involve no technical rock or ice climbing. Maximum group size 6; special arrangements must be made for larger groups up to 10. Children are welcome on tours but there is no youth discount; see age recommendations in difficulty ratings below. Full payment is required to reserve a tour. A 50% cancellation fee is charged when reservations are canceled at least three days in advance. No refunds are given for cancellations made less than three days in advance. Tours may be rescheduled free of charge with at least 10 days advance notice. (Subject to availability.) For complete tour policies and more tour information, see the Black Rapids Tours FAQ.


Difficulty Ratings are assigned to each route as follows:
Easy: Minimal elevation gain, suitable for people of average fitness and kids about 7 and up
Moderate: Significant elevation gain (1000-2500+ feet) and/or rugged terrain requiring good fitness & agility, suitable for kids about 10 and up
Difficult: High elevation gain (2500-5000 feet) and/or steep & rugged terrain, suitable for tough kids about 12 and up

Please contact me if you have questions about the difficulty of a particular route. Keep in mind that hiking on unimproved trails & off-trail in Alaska is much more difficult than hiking on a maintained trail. In rugged terrain our average hiking speed may be 1 mph or less. A 1000-foot elevation gain can be challenging for those who don’t hike or climb much, even for people in decent shape. Also, inclement weather can make hiking more challenging, especially at higher elevations. Many routes don’t feature a specific endpoint, and how far we travel always depends on your preference and stamina. Most of these hikes require a good level of fitness and experienced hikers will find plenty of interesting and challenging options. You may change your selected route anytime before your tour starts, and I may suggest exchanging routes based on weather and other factors.


Boulder Peak

Gain some serious elevation on this completely off-trail route leading to amazing views of Mt. Silvertip and Jarvis Glacier.

Difficulty Rating: Moderate (half-day); Difficult (full-day)


Whistler Ridge

Colorful cliffs & craggy rock spires. Explore a small glacier up high, if you can make it that far!

Difficulty Rating: Difficult to Very Difficult (full-day only)


Grizzly Creek “Trail”

Great views of the Hayes Range and Black Rapids Glacier, and the easiest route to views of the Jarvis Glacier valley.

Difficulty Rating: Moderate (half-day); Difficult (full-day)


Gulkana Glacier

Ice highway into the sky.

Difficulty Rating: Easy (half-day); Moderate (full-day)


Rainbow Ridge

Steep. Very steep.

Difficulty Rating: Moderate (Canwell Peak, half or full-day); Difficult to Very Difficult (rest of Rainbow Ridge, half or full-day)


Devils Thumb

Alaska bushwhacking at its best (worst) leads to a giant rock outcropping with scenic views.

Difficulty Rating: Moderate (full-day only)


Castner Glacier

The easiest hike to a glacier available in the Alaska Range. For those who enjoy punishment, hike over the rugged moraine looking for cool glacial features, or hike all the way to the “intersection” of the three branches of the glacier.

Difficulty Rating: Easy to Moderate (half-day); Moderate to Difficult (full-day)

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Bear Creek “Trail”

A rough trail leads above tree line to beautiful views of the Hayes Range, the Delta River valley and Bear Creek below. When the trail ends, a steep climb brings you to a wide plateau that can be followed for miles.

Difficulty Rating: Moderate (half-day); Moderate to Difficult (full-day)


Canwell Glacier

Routefind across the rugged moraine of Canwell Glacier looking for meltwater canyons, ice caves, waterfalls, and more. An all-day hike will take you to the base of Institute Peak.

Difficulty Rating: Moderate (half-day); Moderate (full-day)


Michael Creek “Trail”

Follow a rough trail above tree line and stop when the ridge turns steep or continue to majestic views of Mt. Silvertip and Jarvis Glacier.

Difficulty Rating: Moderate (half-day); Difficult (full-day)


Scenic Mountain Creek Hikes

Hike along one or more scenic mountain creeks looking for cascades, waterfalls, animal tracks, beautiful views and more. Great for those seeking a rugged Alaska wilderness hike with low elevation gain.

Difficulty Rating: Easy to Moderate (half and full-days)