Winter Hiking


The mountains surrounding Black Rapids typically don’t receive that much snow throughout winter because the coastal mountains of Alaska steal much of the moisture before it gets to the Alaska Range. The wind also frequently blows heavily through the area, especially north of Black Rapids, keeping many of the mountain slopes and ridges mostly free of snow even at relatively high elevations. Based on snow conditions and time of year there may be several places to go hiking in winter where you can gain some elevation, including some of the same routes offered in summer, but you can expect to work through some amount of deep snow or brush in the lower elevations. You don’t need any mountaineering skills or gear like ice axes or crampons, just a pair of winter hiking boots, maybe skis or snowshoes, and a good attitude. Avalanche terrain will always be avoided! October can be a great time to go hiking before snow, short daylight hours and extreme cold set in, and March and April are great times to enjoy the return of the sun in the mountains.

Route Length (full-day only): Variable