Fels Glacier


Sandwiched in a narrow valley between Castner Glacier and Canwell Glacier, Fels Glacier sees very few visitors. It’s misspelled “Eel” Glacier on older Alaska topo maps, but it actually resembles an eel the way it curves up the valley toward the steep face of Snow White. You can get to the Fels Glacier valley by following Lower Miller Creek or heading up Miller Creek and cutting across toward Lower Miller Creek—the former route is the shortest but the latter can be easier if snowmachiners have left a track to follow. The glacier starts over a mile from the beginning of the valley, and it’s a bit of a struggle to maneuver around the open water and other obstacles at times. The valley itself is rather peaceful and snowy later in winter, and there is some interesting water ice on the south slope. (Avoid the bottom of the south slope due to avalanche danger.) There has been an ice cave at the toe of the glacier in previous years, but the glacier changes every melting season and it’s impossible to guarantee what features you might find. A steep climb up the rocky moraine leads to a nice view of Snow White. April is the best time to visit because the snow is best and the sun begins shining on the glacier again, plus you have all the daylight you could want. (No crampons or ice climbing gear required.)

Route Length (full-day only): 3.5 miles (one-way), elevation gain 1000 feet