Scenic Mountain Creek Hikes


If you want to experience hiking off-trail in Alaska without having to fight your way through serious brush or tiring yourself out on an exhausting climb, there are several beautifully rugged mountain creeks you can explore in the Alaska Range off the Richardson Highway, each with its own unique scenery and set of curiosities. Some lead to impressive vistas, some through enchanting forests, some to waterfalls or spectacular cliffs. Some are quite easy to hike along, while others require wading, rock hopping, or scrambling around boulders and brush. You can visit more than one creek during a tour or spend all day exploring a single drainage. Bear Creek, Grizzly Creek, Onemile Creek, Boulder Creek, Whistler Creek, Flood Creek, Trims Creek…these all feature amazing scenery and see few visitors. It can be a different experience exploring the same creek at various points throughout the summer and even throughout the day due to changes in flow, snow cover, brush thickness, and weather. These creeks are often a nice place to hike when the weather is a little dreary or windy up high, and they’re excellent places to look for signs of wildlife. A pair of waterproof hiking boots is strongly recommended, but tennis shoes dry out quickly on a warm, sunny day and may be more useful hiking up creeks where several crossings are required.

Route Length: Variable