Devils Thumb


Devils Thumb can be seen from the Richardson Highway sticking out from the ridge above Trims Creek like—well, a sore thumb. It’s a great subject for photographs and the views of Trims Glacier & Item Peak are also impressive. Hiking to Devils Thumb involves significant bushwhacking and a long slog up a broad slope, but the torturous climb is quickly forgotten once you crest the ridge and see the entirety of the giant rock gendarme looming ahead. (The rock is rotten and not suitable for climbing.) Continuing past the thumb along the ridge is possible for a good distance but it eventually becomes too rugged to continue. You can also descend to Castner Glacier from Devils Thumb and hike along the glacier moraine back to the road for an interesting loop hike. (Note: These images were taken in early April, late September and October. There isn’t much snow May through early September.)

Route Length (full-day only): 2 miles (one-way), 2500 feet elevation gain