I stock a variety of prints at the Smiling Moose in Delta Junction, Alaska, next door to the Buffalo Center Drive-In along the Richardson Highway. I also stock prints at the Lodge at Black Rapids. I only sign my prints by request, and I don't believe in numbering them. All of my traditional prints are personally printed by me using professional-grade materials, which ensures the print will look good and last for decades. Canvas & metal prints are made in-house by Alaska Camera in Fairbanks, and I offer them at a variety of sizes starting at 11x14. 

I offer two standard print sizes at fixed rates with free shipping to the U.S.:

8x10, matted for a standard 11x14 frame: $40
12X18, printed on 13x19 paper with 1/2" border, unmatted (perfect for matting in an 18x24 or custom frame): $125

Rates for popular-sized canvases including shipping:

11x14: $120
12x18: $150
20x30: $250
24x36: $350

Rates for popular-sized metal prints including shipping:

11x14: $120
12x18: $175
20x30: $280
24x36: $390

Please email me with custom print requests or if you would like to pay with cash or check. Note that 8x10 and 11x14 size options may not be available for some prints because the necessary cropping would significantly degrade the image.

Thank you for purchasing!